Meet the Pumpkins!


It's Almost Halloween-

the pumpkins’ time to shine! But, one little pumpkin named Sprout is scared of all sorts of things. Will his worries get the best of him? Or, will his friend Patch help him see how to trust in the love of Jesus Christ?

Author's Note

As a kid, I loved playing dress-up and getting candy at Halloween, but the holiday can also be scary with its emphasis on horror. I know many Christians who don’t like to celebrate or acknowledge the holiday, yet for the average person it’s a fun and exciting time they look forward to sharing with their kids. The Pumpkins’ Not-so-Scary Halloween shows kids how they can be a light to those around them during this dark time. It provides a model for how Christian kids can share the gospel and be a good friend to someone who might be struggling with worry over the holiday.

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