Monica Bruenjes

Artist, Animator

Project Highlights

Please enjoy this showcase from work-for-hire and personal projects.

"Monica Bruenjes did an animated project for us that required her to be an artist, designer, editor, director, and producer. Her work is engaging; her work ethic one of the best I've ever come across. She was hard working, flexible, innovative, and a true professional. I cannot say enough about the outstanding work she does." -Deeanne Gist, National Bestselling Author


MeChan's Search Short Film

Character Animator, Maya

I worked with Let's Love Japan to animate this short for children who survived the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Watch it on youtube now!

Event Stagers Commercial

Animation Production


Penguin & Peep Little Moments

Story & Art by Monica Bruenjes

Best friends and polar opposites, Penguin & Peep go on adventures in hopes of having the perfect day together. Penguin loves his home in the zoo, but Peep is always looking for something new.

Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

Forever Girls! Online Comic

A team of timeless heroes as reimagined by Scott Peterson and Monica Bruenjes. Come on adventures with Dorothy, Alice, Wendy, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, and the Little Mermaid working together like never before!



Romp Through 1893- The Invitation

Animation Production

An interactive animated adventure!

Aiko & Egor

Lead Animator, Flash

I also did some character/prop designs. Apes for shapes features my SeaMonkey design.

Table-Top Gaming

Crazy Cat Lady by Meko Card Games

Card & Box Illustrations by Monica Bruenjes

The Farm Game by Meko Card Games

Card & Box Illustrations by Monica Bruenjes



Tiffany Girl

Main Character's Ghost Artist

For Tiffany Girl I created chapter illustrations serving as the main character, Flossie Jayne's ghost artist, as well as character sketches for promotional material.

ISBN-10: 1451692447

Aneko Press Children's Books

Illustrated by Monica Bruenjes

I've had the pleasure of illustrating several children's books for the Christian book publisher Aneko Press.

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